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Triathlon is a compound word of the 2 words "Athlon (athlon)" which means "try (tri)" which means "3" of Latin, and a game.
From holding these three games continuously, it is said that it was named so.
Even if it says to a triathlon and a mouthful, distance from a short sprint type, Olympics distance (Swim1.5km Bike40km Run10km), A middle type, a long type, iron-man series (Swim3.8km Bike180km Run42.195km), etc. AKB DRM have a type only with various differences in distance.
Therefore, how to enjoy a triathlon is infinite.
In accordance with a level or age, Speed may be investigated thoroughly, complete running may be slowly aimed at in accordance with its pace, and a race little by little long type may be challenged.
An age group is also broad and both children and adults can enjoy it.
Moreover, by taking in the practice for a triathlon to a life reasonable, health will be maintained and it will further be expected as a "lifelong sport" from now on.

Charm of a triathlon

While doing practice, its limit is faced several times.
If it improves having till then merely repeated practice blindly and neither a number nor process control is just carried out, a time and tenacity stop extending.
It can break through the limit which thought that he was a limit by managing health with "cardiac beats rate" potentialbooksbook.com etc.
This process control had feedback good also for work, and it is not "working with might and main", and it can do it now.
Especially those that have a feeling of leveling off in their feeling of growth are the points of a recommendation Triathlon.